Blog Critique: Experiencing E-Learning

Experiencing E-Learning

The blog is maintained by Christy Tucker, an instructional designer whose specialty is eLearning and blended learning.  Ms. Tucker’s bio describes her career trajectory from being a K-12 educator and becoming an instructional designer in corporations and as an entrepreneur.  Introducing herself to readers, and discussion of her activities outside of work”, her blog provides an opportunity to hire her, with an opportunity for potential clients to view her portofolio.  In addition, Ms. Tucker also allows visitors to access to  links to her online presence on social media (i.e. LinkedIn – in which she has written a blog post on how to approach that networking relationship with her; Syniad Learning – her company and e-portfolio; Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Flckr).

As her blog post are plentiful and robust, she has refrained from accepting guest blog post due to negative experiences.  This may impact community building as visitors are able to respond to a blog post, yet lack to ability to share ideas that may enhance the professional development of instructional designers.  However, there are links to blog post on a variety of topics from guest bloggers that are archived in links for public view. Thus, archives, topics on instructional design certificates, degrees, and certification, freelance and telecommute, and storytelling and scenarios are available in category links and a dropdown menu is the closest to sharing ideas on the blog.


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