Blog Critique: Instructional Design Central Blog (IDC)

Instructional Design Central Blog (IDC) is a company that provides instructional design for corporations, as well as a cornucopia of resources for instructional designer professionals.  The comprehensive website is robust with a knowledge literacy inclusive of but not limited to instructional design employment, templates, and courses.  Also listed are instructional design conferences where the community of instructional designers and technologist can engage in and/or present for the purposes of professional development.  As the website identifies academic programs in instructional design and technology, eLearning tools are also available.  The content section links define instructional design, adult learning theory, learning theory, history of instructional design, and design models with a special emphasis on ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation).

One feature of the website that is beneficial is the “community” tab.  The opportunity to join a variety of social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) groups at no cost to instructional designers is helpful .  Essentially, the valuable resources on the website, instructional designer community building is ongoing.  However, much of the sharing of resources and information tends to be fostered via social media versus IDC’s Blog.

IDC’s Blog only has six post based on the resources and content tabs of the website.  It appears that contributors are random, yet there’s no “option” so to speak for the “community” to contribute blog post.  My belief is that in addition to the plethora of resources offered on the website, a greater generation of blog post from instructional designer professionals and/or educators could initiate discussion as there weren’t many comments, which has the potential to enhance dialogue.   Not only could community building be strengthened through this medium, idea sharing from instructional designers can become blog post.  Thus, IDC’s blog has the possibility of becoming a blog that offers monthly professional development from colleagues; as well as further establish networking relationships.


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