Blog Critique: The eLearning Coach

The eLearning Coach

This blog is maintained by Connie Malamed, an instructional designer who provides information on the profession, opportunities to work with her, and coaching instructional designers with eLearning techniques and strategies.  She has written two books on the topics of visual design solutions and visual language for designers. Links to reviews for both books are available below each book cover.  Her social media icons are available for visitors who are interested in community building.  There are also ads relative to instructional design and technology, and learning resources such as a mobile app, storyboards, stock photos, and Powerpoint grids.  Many of the blogpost exist on the first page of the website.  Blog post are educational and informational in nature.  Visitors are plentiful and provide in-depth, substantive responses and feedback.  However, there seems to be an overload of information; though well organized.  This is not to infer that the information posted on the blog is not important and needed.  Yet her business appears to overshadow the blog itself.


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